Doolittle's Deli - Ogden, Utah

Doolittle's Deli
4282S 1650 West
Ogden, UT
(801) 627-4100

Date of Visit: Saturday, January 17, 2009
Time: Late Lunch - 2:30 PM
Server: N/A
Number of Diners: 1

Food Quality: 6
Service: 3
Ambiance: 6

The Ogden Municipal Airport has been developing slowly into a decent location for businesses and associated support services. A couple of years ago a new terminal and fixed-base-operator area was opened on the south side of the airport. Located there is a decent restaurant, Rickenbacker's, and a decent deli, Doolittle's. This January afternoon I happened to be in the area in need of a lite lunch, so I decided to give Doolittle's a try. The deli is open from 7AM to 8PM Monday - Saturday, closed Sundays. There were a handful of folks lunching there, even at this odd hour on a non-business day. The setup is cafeteria style, where you order, pay, get your beverage, and seat yourself. Shortly after that someone runs your order out to your table. They have numbers to hand you for when it's busy, but not needed on this slow afternoon.

The interior is as nice as it can be for an industrial space. Bright, open, and airy with walls covered with pictures of airplanes and Jimmy Doolittle, the first man to fly coast to coast from Daytona to San Diego, and the man who led the first air raids on Tokyo in B-25s from more than 600 miles away on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. There are some very detailed large-scale models of a P-51, Spitfire, B-25, and B-29 suspended from the ceiling. Plenty of things for airplane lovers to look at, and a good thing with no view of anything out the windows except the parking area.

The young lady at the counter suggested a couple of sandwiches and a couple of calzones from the menu, when I asked what she thought was best. They all looked good, but I decided on a Thai chicken wrap and San Pellegrino. No beer or wine served, a Utah tradition! Total was $9.52. The wraps and sandwiches come with a pickle slice and choice of pasta salad, green salad, chips, or potato salad. A fresh baked cookie was also included, which I regretfully passed on - they did look good.

What I had with menu descriptions...

Thai Chicken Wrap $ 7.99…WARNING this contains peanuts
Whole grain tortilla, broiled chicken breast basted with our special Thai peanut sauce, sautéed portabella mushrooms, crisp spring greens, sprouts and gourmet mayo

The wrap was small, fresh, warm, and very tasty. The green side salad was small and had a sweet vinaigrette. The San Pellegrino made a nice complement. All in all a very decent meal, and a clean, quiet place.

Doolittle's Deli - RECOMMENDED for a quick breakfast, lunch, or early dinner

Highs: Good ingredients, fresh food, clean and attractive room
Lows: No beer or wine, prices slightly high

Bon Appétit! - W. Ego

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